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Gooey Goodness

chocolate filled cookies

Ever thought that a cookie was too dry and needed some extra chocolate to have the perfect cookie. well our cookies are the thing for you made with perfect gooey chocolate surrounded with a cookie dough baked to the perfect stage there is nothing more beautiful then this.

Now For


Koen, Maika and I started this business to raise money for the endangered apes known as the chimpanzees. We decided that the best way to raise money for these poor majestic animals would be through selling food, and not just any food we decided we should sell cookies and 'Baked Apes' was founded through times of struggle we soldiered on through these problems as we had one things not only on our minds but our hearts as well and it was the picture of these poor endangered beautiful species. At 'Baked Apes' we pride ourselves on hard work and determination and we will not give up until we must. At the end of the day we hope to raise enough money to be able to make change in the tragic fall of the chimpanzee numbers. we are hopping to make around 200 dollars to help these animals.

We will be located at school on the Wednesday the 22nd of June. This is due to us being apart of the school business program. We see this as great opportunity so if you wish to join us on our mission please come and buy one or maybe two or however many cookies you want every purchase counts.



We are a small business looking to full-fill your cookie needs this is a business that was created in our business class, we have been existing since 11/3/22. We are have been started to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institution. This institution was made to raise the population of the chimpanzees due to them becoming endangered.

“George promised to be good. But it is easy for little monkeys to forget. ”

- Curious George -